Help us deliver Christmas for hundreds of children who would otherwise go without.

Through no fault of their own, over HALF A MILLION children across the UK are living in poverty and may wake up to NO PRESENTS and GO HUNGRY at Christmas.

Fighting child poverty over the festive season

There are more than four million children living in poverty in the UK right now, or to put it more bluntly, nine pupils in every class of 30.

More families, including those at work, are struggling to provide for their children and there will be so many young people waking up on Christmas Day without a present under the tree.

The Christmas Toy Appeal aims to stop this from happening to some of the children facing societal disadvantage in the UK today.

How IT workS

We partner with local charities and carers to reach the families hit hardest with living conditions out of their control.

Through sponsorship, you simply select a child from our list based on their name, age and interest, whether it be a favourite toy, book or colouring set. Sponsors then wrap, label and deliver gifts to our offices in Manchester, Leeds, London and Liverpool where we host a festive-themed reverse grotto event.

Last year, thanks to the support of people and businesses around the UK, we collectively managed to provide 15,000 presents to 1,200 children nationwide, as well as 333 families with Christmas Dinner.

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We did it! We've given Christmas presents and a Christmas morning to 1,000 children across the UK! And now we're going to give them a Christmas afternoon through Christmas Dinner...

The support this year has been overwhelming, to the level where we have had more sponsors step forward than children are available. The children our Toy Appeal supports have nothing, which means whilst their Christmas morning is made they will still go hungry for the rest of Christmas Day.

To combat this, and to give our sponsors, Sedulo team, clients and friends the opportunity to make a positive change we’re adding on the ability to provide a Christmas Dinner for a child in YOUR city!


Our Christmas Toy Appeal is a Day One initiative for us. From helping 15 children in 2012 to 1,200 children in 2022, every year it has provided more support to those that need it most than the last.

In almost all cases the children we support wouldn’t be getting a single present on Christmas day if it wasn’t for this appeal. That thought is heart-breaking. 

Organising and distributing thousands of bespoke presents isn’t an easy task, but I would just like to thank all the clients, people and team here at Sedulo for coming together to do something good in the community. All businesses should seek ways in which they can contribute to the communities they exist in, and this is just one of how we take our social responsibility seriously.


Paul Cheetham-Karcz


A huge thank you to our Liverpool Toy Appeal partner, CEL Solicitors.

The Liverpool leg of our Christmas Toy Appeal would not be possible without the support of Jessica Hampson and the team at CEL Solicitors, so a huge thank you from us to every one of their team. You can learn more about CEL Solicitors below…


Children sponsored - we did it!


TARGET: 1,248 children across the UK

Unfortunately, the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal is needed now more than ever. This year, with your help, we are pledging to provide Christmas to 1,200 children facing societal disadvantage across the UK who ordinarily would wake up to nothing on Christmas Day.

Thank you to all of our individual and business sponsors so far

Without your support, initiatives like the Sedulo Christmas Toy Appeal cannot happen.

A huge thank to everyone who has given a child in poverty a Christmas Day so far…

The Christmas Toy Appeal is a Sedulo Foundation initiative

The Sedulo Foundation is the result of years of working with our local communities to alleviate the devastating effect of poverty on children and young people across London and the north of England.

We work with regional charities and youth organisations to identify where and how we can make positive change for young people and collaborate to create maximum impact.

The Sedulo Foundation provides school essentials, food vouchers, seasonal gifts, and sanitary products delivered in conjunction with local partners. Every year, our appeals reach thousands of children experiencing societal disadvantage.